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MSC Headhunters (England, Germany)

MSC Headhunters has been established as one of Europe’s leading executive search firms. We operate worldwide and headhunt extensively in European countries. We have successfully placed senior candidates in specialist executive roles for over 10 years and our reputation speaks for itself. At MSC we have a team of expert consultants with detailed market knowledge that can identify and attract the highest achievers to your business. We have achieved success throughout Europe and the UK across the Technology industry and related sectors.

Our Headhunting service has the ability to strengthen your business by identifying and sourcing only the best people you require. Our methods are bespoke and each project is tailor made for every client. This is why we can offer you the highest quality of candidates. Our research team coverage is worldwide and multilingual, utilising our UK and European networks to their full potential.

We guarantee confidentiality at all levels of headhunting, our clients or candidates have the assurance that MSC Headhunters remain professional at all times. We use unique and trusted methods of research and networking and so we are able to source the very best people and most successful employees within our sector.

MSC Headhunters believe that a modern recruitment strategy requires a tailored yet flexible approach, which maintains the emphasis on performance with your headhunting partner. MSC has developed a range of unique search services to help solve senior recruitment issues with our clients.

Furthermore MSC Headhunters have the confidence and commitment to offer guarantees that are bespoke and unique to our competitors.

MSC Headhunters promise to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that meet your profile. Each person will be interviewed by an MSC Director who will write a report on each suitable individual.

MSC can deliver any assignment within a guaranteed time frame
All candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months (6 months for non-board level )
More information about our services can be found here – Retained Headhunting
We would be happy to discuss the various executive search services we offer and how they could best address your current needs.

Zubia Sheikh
Managing Director at MSC Headhunters

MSC Headhunting
Tel +44 (0)1606 866 888
Fax +44 (0)1606 866 888


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