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ARMIS Staffing, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

ARMIS Staffing, is headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Being a small, yet EFFECTIVE boutique search firm that conducts it's business primarily in the Eastern Region of the country, with their Tentacles reaching across the USA when required
Like all search/recruiting firms, we can identify the talented 'Younger" set of candidates....But are known to zero in on the "Quality Experienced Professionals" as in  the "Pre/Baby Boomers".
Clients are finding excellent talent in this deep pool of selected candidates within the disciplines of ARMIS Staffing
                                         Information Technology
                                            Sales and Marketing
                                      Administrative Management
                                       Technical and Engineering 
Being client oriented with long term relationships as a corner stone of our mission, ARMIS Staffing welcomes Companies who desire to partner with this type of Search firm to reach out to us.
We can't be all things to every one, but we are to quite a few.
Please visit us at our web site at www.armisstaffing.com, or call 856.428.2400

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